News You Can Use: Good Governance and Ethical Practices

Nonprofits are a thriving industry in Oregon, more than 22,000 strong. But as the saying goes, it is possible to improve upon a good thing – and that is exactly what the Nonprofit Association of Oregon has set out to do. Founded in 1977, NAO has a long and distinguished history of service to the charitable community and the citizens of Oregon. It also has, under the leadership of executive director Jim White, a new frontier: bringing the state’s nonprofits to a better understanding of ethical practices and good governance.

“When we learned about IS’ plan to update the Principles for Good Governance Ethical Practice, we knew we wanted in,” says Amy Callahan, NAO director of communications and advancement “We felt passionately about co-branding the IS documents, rather than inventing our own, as the right thing to do. Our Board has adopted them and we are integrating the Principles into our capacity building. In the fall, we will be aligning our training sessions with these principles.”

“The Principles for Good Governance and Ethical Practice provide us with a baseline document we can share with our members,” Amy explains. “Sometimes organizations and their boards might need to reference a trustworthy source to understand their responsibilities regarding legal compliance and public disclosure, effective governance, responsible fundraising, and financial oversight. This document provides these organizations with the assurances they need to be in compliance and to continue their good works.”

If you are interested to find out more about how NAO is sharing the Principles with nonprofits across Oregon, please contact Amy Callahan at acallahan@nonprofitoregon.orgFor more information on IS’ efforts nationally, please contact Amanda Broun at

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